Christmas Dilemma

Less than 20 days to go before christmas. Grown ups like us are faced with the same dilemma that comes yearly. 

Thinking about christmas gifts!!!

What will you give to your godchildren? parent? To your office mates? To your neighbor? Friends?

Here’s what I learned from the past christmases:

  • Christmas Budget. 

To avoid over budgeting or to lessen the “over-budget” budget, start the year right. 

Invest in a Christmas Budget by keeping a percent of your income and saving it for your expenses on Christmas Day. 

  • Christmas Lists

For better productivity and to save time, list down your babies for christmas. 

You may not list all of them. But for sure half your job is done compared to not having a list at all. 

  • Shop partially

This is the paunti-unti method. As early as September, you may start shopping. This may save you from unwanted shopping or over shopping!

It will also help you to overcome cramming on Christmas rush.

  • Recycle gifts!

In my opinion, it is not bad at all to recycle gifts specially if you do not need that gift, or if you already received same item yearly! 

The fact that someone gave something to you, that something is now yours. If it is already yours, you are free to do whatever you want!!!

To make sure that THAT something will not be returned to the sender, label it

Put a mark, or anything, like post it, for you to remember to whom it came from. 

Christmas can sometimes be stressful. But as the cliché goes, Christmas is not all about giving but also a thanksgiving for the birth of our source of abundance in life. 

Happy Christmas everyone! Enjoy the season with your families! 🎄🎄💋

**Pictures just grabbed. 


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