If your friend, a millenial, does not have a social media account, would you feel sorry for him??

Does that mean he was beyond time!? Does that mean he does not know what is happening in the world?!

Asking, I came to realize, what does social media do to my personality. Social media such as facebook, tweeter,instagram, pinterest, etc..

In fairness to social media,  it brings us closer together. It educates us through information which might not occur in any parts in my location neither in yours.

It gives us bright ideas for upcoming events in what to prepare, do, gimmicks, party games etc…

On the other side of the coin, social media has this side in which I do not know if I am the only one experiencing it or what. But social media affects me in the sense that it gets in my nerves.

There are certain things that I saw, which gives me a feeling of anxiety, greed, sadness and most of the time envy!

Yes, I am only human, and yes I feel your love but I wish I can feel what you feel, I wish I am where you are, I wish I can buy what you have.

I am blessed of what I have but sometimes I envy what you have. Yes, I have money to buy, but what you have is something that money cannot buy. And because of that I feel envious, anxious, and helpless, and sad.

They say, Only you can allow what can hurt you. That is absolutely right! But i when things are spread out in my social media, I cannot help but feel sad.

I tried to mute notifications, hide, unfollow, and sometime deactivate account just to get through.

So tell me, Do you feel sorry for me? Do I feel sorry for my friend who do not have social accounts?

Or does he feel sorry for me???
 For my  friend who do not have social media account