Hi everyone! I would like to share the busy-ness of my life lately. So here it goes. 
Yes, im on my last leg of my masteral before i will finally got the title of Masters Degree! Hooray!🙌
And so, the biggest horror! Drum roll please…. THESIS!!

Ive been busy hopping from school to school , library to library, to find references most specially books that are related to my studies.

What I can say is. Writing my thesis gives me the energy of a 21 year old. It feels young to be surrounded with young energies. 

It is tiring but it sure gives a feeling of satisfaction that something is being accomplished at the same time. 

So yeah. Finally Ive got to see the good side of writing a thesis. It sure gives horror but just like life, its how you look at things that may make our lives easier, bearable, and most of all happier. 

Besides we have one life to live, so find happiness in every struggle!