Forgiving. Forgetting. 

Just recently, a heartache has been mended. Oh, I thank the stars for that!

Just recently, a tear drop graces its way, and suddenly the mended heart was not mended at all.

This is a story of forgetting.


This is a story about forgiving.

When someone hurts you so bad it ruins your future plans, all that we ever ask is: why me?

Why not?

Because you are strong. Because you are powerful. Because you are beautiful.

God designed you to be strong in will power. Even if you thought that you are not that strong, well your definitely wrong!

The fact that out of the million sperm, only one got the egg! The strongest one! YOU! You have that power!

The fact that you get out of that womb and face the world innocently but survived. And wow, look at you now!

You are beautiful. In your own way, in your own light! You do not have to look like models to be labelled beautiful. We are beautiful creatures. With our unique features, stunning skin color, bright smiles, what can the world ask for???

But despite of that, there is this creature more beautiful, more powerful, and better than you. It causes you pain. It lose your love. It breaks your heart.

Is it better now to forget? Or to forgive?

If i have to choose one, I would choose to forget.

For me, the idea of forgetting is feeling no pain and freeing myself from any agony. For me, forgetting is never easy, for even if you forgive, there is this snap-of-the-moment in time wherein you will always,always, always remember what happened.

And the feeling though forgiven is still unforgotten.

They say, forgive then forget. But for me, it is just forgive but never forgotten. It is just forgive, because the beautiful memories that was shared was tattoed in you, it leave marks, it leaves stains.

And these tattoos will show you again how beautiful you are, how powerful you are, and what better creature you can be!

Forget the scars, but never forget the lessons.

Forgive the one who broke your heart. But never forget that once, this creature showed you a beautiful world in which you cannot forget.


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