Myanmar Trip

Ok. So what’s up??? Its my first time to blog, in which i should have done a veeeeerrry long time ago. 

So, people what you are about to read are based on my travel experiences in which might help you on your way.

You are free to curse, comment, question or might as well suggest anything!

Here we go: First things first. Why Myanmar? And where in the world?!

While many and probably MOST of the Filipinoes opt to travel in countries with colder weather (Japan, Korea or Europe ), im here stuck, and prefers to travel in Asia, particularly in Myanmar!!!(Where temperature rises till 35!)

Well, I dont know! Except that this country is less travelled. Why??! tourist view here!!!! Just an opinion, because they lack tourist spots that are enticing and exciting to the public.

We travelled Myanmar by air through Bangkok with Airasia. And it was an awesome experience! flying with AirAsia is not my first time. I really dont want to fly with them because my first time to board in their aircraft is a domestic travel in Malaysia. And its not a good experience (another blog for that later)

We touchdown at Yangon International airport. The airport is small, considering that it is an international airport, but its clean.

We do not book an airport transfer, so are left with an option to take a taxi. An airport taxi costs is based on your destination. We booked our hotel at the city center particulary Yangon downtown ( Clover City Center) and airport taxi costs 8000 kyat. ( $1=1304 kyat)

The lady in the conceirge was nice enough to inform us that we can get a cheaper taxi outside the airport, and so, we gamble our chance to get one.

Once outside, there are buses and taxis waiting in the curb, not far from the gate, maybe just a minute walk. 

A taxi driver waved at us and the bargain starts! First price is 8000 , same with airport taxi, and so we walked out! But, he shouted that he can give us a ride for 7000 kyats, and so, off we go!!!

Number one tip: exchange your money at the airport to avoid the hassle of exchanging currencies downtown.

Number two tip: taxis have NO METER!!! So exercise your bargaining power and start to bargain at your best price! 😜

Number three: Burmese people cannot easily read English alphabet. They have their own alphabet, if you are holding map in english, they will take time to know your destination. It is better to be prepared, find a google translate for your destination.

More later!


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