Inside Burma

Burma is the old name of Myanmar. Stepping inside this country makes me think if I will enjoy my long-awaited vacation. 

Before going to different places, i make use of the internet most specially sites like Google, Tripadvisor, Agoda, Airbnb etc that may help me to know the attractions and sights to discover to maximize time and effort. 

Thankful for the different views of the reviewers and tourists alike, I already knew from the start that this country has less to see and less to expect. 

But travelling should be fun! And so I decided to just, “let it go” and “come what may”.

I already wrote about my transit and touchdown in Myanmar on my previous blog. You are about to witness the insides of Myanmar. 

We checked in at Clover City Center Hotel. You can easily spot the hotel because it just near Shangrila Hotel (it is just at the back)

The service is good, the staffs are accomodating, what I notice is that staffs are wearing slippers! Which i think is normal since the manager is also wearing slippers. Anyway, not much of a concern. Its no big deal. 

After we settled down in our hotel room, my Auntie ( 74 years old), my travel buddy (yes, we travel, just the two of us), is hungry after a long trip. Exhausted and hungry, she wanted to find a Chinese restaurant, said she wants hot soup. Holding my english map, I saw China Town, just a few blocks away. But i was proven wrong!

Streets and blocks are very far away from each other! It is like a set up in The US where blocks are like 50 meters away from each other. So imagine my agony from 32 street down to 19th street just to get to this China Town!

A big population in Myanmar are Buddhist, where most of them do not eat pork nor beef. Most Burmese people cannot speak and understand English. 

My auntie sat down and ordered noodles in hot soup, which took her about 2 minutes to let the waiter know what she wanted, since they cannot understand english, she just look at the photos and just point at it. 

She ate her meal happily, suddenly the light goes off! Its black out all over the city!!! There is nothing we can do, so we chat with the chinese owner, which fortunately knows some english, and luckily got a discount! ☺️😋

We walked all the way back to the hotel literally walking in shadows. No street lights, just the light of cars and buses that are passing by. Some of the side walk  vendors lit a candle, some just packed their goods. 

What I learn from this experience is that Burmese people are patient. Guided with teachings of Buddha, they manage to live a very simple life. 

With not much to see. And not much to explore. There is so much to learn about their culture and their society. 

What we forgot about travelling is that we all wanted to have an extravagant life, we wanted to experience something good in life that we forgot about the simple things and what really matters. 

My Burma experience feeds my inner soul teaching me to appreciate what is already there and be thankful for the smallest things. 

Burma has nothing much to offer except for the nice tree shades and fresh air! They have lots of trees!!! But hey, it is already a luxury in Manila to get fresh air!

See, they got the luxury we cannot afford. 


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