Itinerary Yangon and Bangkok in 5 days

Day 1: 6:30 am Depart at NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila 

  • Manila to Bangkok flight care of Cebu Pacific (with return flight) = 4,367.93
  • Travel tax paid at the airport (can now pay online) = 1,650.00

Total Cost of departure: 6,017.62

We had our breakfast at Bo’s, just inside the NAIA airport. 

We arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok around 9:00 am. We have to catch another international flight to Yangon at Don Muang International airport, Bangkok. 

Don Muang is an hour away from Suvarnabhumi. But don’t worry. The airport has shuttle bus for free located at the Arrival area in  Level 2. 

Just walk your way out of Gate 3, once outside you will see signages like these. 

Shuttle bus depart every 30 minutes. The inspector will check your itinerary ticket to avail of the free ride. 

Shuttle bus signages fron Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang. 

The insides of the bus. 

It might take 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the traffic. 

We arrived at Don Muang after an hour ride. We are still early for our next flight, so we exchange our dollar in baht to buy food for lunch.

Exchange rate during that time (November 21,2016)

We ate our lunch at the foodcourt of the airport.  We ordered an authentic pad thai. 

Authentic pad thai costs 175 baht or 140 pesos. 

4:00 pm departs from Don Muang to Yangon International Airport via AirAsia

5:30 pm Arrived at Yangon International Airport.  

Upon arrival, we exchanged our USD into kyats (their local currency) 

1 usd = 1,304 kyat (100usd= 130,400 kyat)

Costs of airport taxi is 8000 kyat. We do not book for an airport transfer so we decided to get a taxi outside the airport. 

Most taxis in Myanmar have no meter! So bargain is the trade. We bargain for the price of 7000 kyat. And off we go! 

Myanmar taxis have no meter!!!

Day 2: City Tour and Colonnial Walk

We checked in at Clover City Center, where they served a heartily breakfast. Enough to sustain your walking for the day. 

8:am We began by walking to Maha Bandoola Park.  It is the City center just beside the Sule Pagoda. 

Maha Bandoola Park is just a park with lots of trees and citizens roaming around just to relax. Ambiance is good. Weather is at its best!

Just inside the park is an obelisk. See picture below. 

The building at the back if the obelisks is their city hall. 

Time consumed inside the park:  more or less 15-30 minutes

8:40  The collonial walk

Burma is a British Colony, and most of their architecture forms part of their culture. 

Time consumed in collonial walk: 30-40 minutes

10:30 Visits St. Marys Cathedral. It is just a few blocks away for the park. 

This St. Mary’s Cathedral is 500 years old!

Inside St. Marys. 

At the time of our visit, there is no mass, but the church is still open to the public. 

Time consumed praying and roaming: 30-40 minutes
12:00 We hailed a taxi going to their National Museum. Taxi costs around 3000 kyats. 

Their National Museum has 4 floors, if you really wanted to know their rich history, you have to consume 3-4 hours just lookig, reading and roaming aroung their 4 storey building. 

Entrance to the museum is 5000 kyat. Everyone is prohibited to bring along their bags, they have lockers just before the entrance. Just bring along essential gadgets and your money ofcourse. 

Below are some pictures taken at their museum. 

This is the golden throne used by their kings during ceremony. 

After touring inside their museum, we decided to go to the grandest, most awaited event— the visiting of Shwedagon Pagoda. 

Shwedagon Pagoda is the biggest, grandest pagoda in Yangon. 

I cant really describe its grandeur that is why I created a kaleidoscope version of it. 

Entrance to the pagoda: 3000 kyats

Time consumed: 1 hr. 

5:40 We headed downtown to Bogyoke Aung San Market 

Ofcourse, as expected in a market. All trades are in. From dry goods, to paintings, food, and lots of jade! 

Jade here are super cheap, but genuine

Jade is a major product of Burma. There come a time wherein their government banned the export of these precious stones. 

This picture shows trinkets and lits of stones that can be bought inside the market. 

They have government approved seal to know that they are authorized to sell stones such as jade, ruby etc. 

Time consumed inside the market: 3 hours!

Finally its night time and we are all but exhausted by this trip. We decided to sine at the nearby KFC. 

Prices shown are EXCLUSIVE of tax. 

What I enjoyed most about my meal is the egg tart and the delicious soup made of egg and seaweed. 

Since my travel companion is a senior citizen. No night life for me. 😢😞

Cant tell much about nigh life in Yangon except that outside markets are still up until dawn. 
Day 3: We woke up eary to explore other options inside Yangon. 

But instead, we go back to Bogyoke Market. 

See the sales lady?? Most of The Burmese people, have something on their faces. 

I found out that that something in their faces is a local sunblock, which they called tanaka

It came from, Tanaka tree, and serves as a sun block for their faces. 

See the salesman in his local get up? Most of their men dress that way. Its their local wear.  

Some of these pictures are taken inside the Aung San Market. 

A Burmese man in his local attire
The railroad of their circular train

10:30 after much bargaining inside the market, my auntie finally gives up and decided to explore the Inya lake. 

Inya Lake is an artificial lake created by the British as a water reservoir. 

I cant believe that it is an artificial lake. Just because it has waves, and the Burmese people takes care of it, I cant see any single trash near the lake. 

After nothing much to do , we headed down town. 

My eyes cant grasp the beauty in their buildings. 

We also go to their local bookstores, where a merchant knows How to speak in english, was polite enough to accommodate the demands of my auntie. 

The merchant that sells book is a retired employee that works in Singapore during his younger days. 

He decided to retire in his hometown Myanmar and manages a small bookstore. 

Since it is our last day in Yangon, we seek a friendly advise from him where to eat. 

He was kind enough to recommend a restaurant nearby, just 1500 kyat worth for a taxi. 

Since most of the taxi drivers cant read english alphabet, he wrote the restaurant name in their alphabet. 

This is the name of his bookstore. Please visit him when you travel in Myanmar. 

5:00 We dine at a Junior Duck (as recommended by a friendly local)

Junior Duck is located near port area, go there before sunset. Just in time to catch the sunset. 

Reserved your seats on their second floor to catch the view. 

This is their local version of hot soup. It is like our local sinigang but much spicier and hotter!!!

We had a great time in Yangon! but its time to say goodbye!

Day 4: Goodbye Yangon, hello Bangkok

4:00 pm Arrival at Don Muang. We lined up for a taxi in Don Muang Airport. 

Taxis have 50 baht surcharge, that is on top of the metered bill. The passenger will also pay the toll worth 50 and 70 baht. 

W booked at Bangkok Hotel nit is an old hotel but ot is just near the Pratinam Market and mall. Easy access for shopping!!


7 thoughts on “Itinerary Yangon and Bangkok in 5 days

  1. Hi! Do you have any idea how the border crossing or visa requirement (though visa free naman daw si Pinas sa Mayanmar :)) if we travel from Bangkok to Myanmar by land?


    1. Hi melanie. I dont think there is a visa requirement for border crossing. Since Myanmar is part of SouthEast Asia, for us Filipinos, we can travel visa free any parts of South East Asia. We do border crossing by Vietnam – Cambodia by land, and they didnt require any.


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