This is the age of social media, of dating online, of getting to know strangers on the internet, and having long distance relationships, complicated and “love wins” relationships. 

Is it really easier to find love these days or it gets even more complicated?

I am not a love guru. I am not a psychiatrist. I am not here to advise everyone what to do because I am not an expert on that thing. As a matter of fact, I already passed the marrying age of 26! Even more so, I am already passed the dates of the calendar! That does affect me?

Some how no, some how yes!

We live in a culture of stages wherein people move up from that phase at a certain age. 

For example, in a Philippine set up, a youth should already be graduated at the age of 21, have a good job, should marry at the age of 24-25, have baby right after the marriage, and live a normal life. 

So, if I am 21 and I am not yet finished with my studies, everyone comes to question me, wha’ts taken me so long??

If im 25 and up, and not yet married. Everyone keeps asking, why are you not married??

If i married, and I don’t have baby right after the marriage, you will be bombarded with questions like “why don’t you have a baby yet??”

Therefore, that does mean I don’t have a normal life? That does mean I missed something out of life? That does mean I am a lesser person?

Come on people, be good with one another. Do not over stress others just because they ran out of time. Just because they are left behind the timeline of life. Just because they do not jump on the bandwagon. 

I am one of those left behind. And I feel bad for those people who cannot understand. We are normal people like you. We can understand. We can feel the pressure. We can feel your spirit pushing us!

Ofcourse we do want to stay in the timeline. We do want to marry, where everyone elses is married. We do want to have babies, just like everyone else. We do like to live in the moment where you are living. But God designed us to stand out and to be this way. 

Be kind enough to understand. Instead of pushing, try to pull by Sending kind words, encouragement and Inspiration. Put your shoes into ours. And feel what it feels like to answer a question with no definite answer.