What’s up? After Boracay, I decided to make the best out my vacay from work. 

And head to the summer capital of the Philippines…. Baguio!!!⛄️❄️

It is no doubt, the undefeated summer capital. With its cold breeze, you sure won’t go anywhere far!

When travelling via public transport, your best chance of getting to Baguio is by bus in Cubao. There are many choices of bus line to choose from but the most popular, and safest for me, is Victory Liner. 🚌

They will issue an insurance for your safe travel. And off we go! 💨💨💨

From Cubao, it will take you 5-6 hrs depending on traffic. 

But i began my journey in Tarlac, where it usually takes us about 2-3 hours of travel. 

The new TPLex (Tarlac-Pangasinan Express) way makes it faster and more comfortable. 

We decide to take McArthur highway since our master driver preferred it due to its wider road. 

My color is still in best shape,eh! Fresh from Bora, we stopped at Pugo La Union for a quick break. 
Zigzag road here we come!!! 💨💨💨

We enjoy the scenery of going up up up in the road. 

Here’s a shot of the mountain breeze. 

We didn’t even use the car aircon since the temperature is starting to decrease — it is getting cold!
See that fog!

In my Early childhood, our family spent almost all of our summer vacation in Baguio. Since from Tarlac,  Baguio is nearer than Manila. 

And so, the usual touristy spots like Burnham Park, The Mansion, Minesview, PMA, Lion’s head, Camp John Hay, Baguio Cathedral, Lourdes grotto,  are all familiar to us. 

So we decided to go to the less touristy like the Bell Church. It is already near La Trinidad.

During this visit, my waze app is not quite useful. GPS and mobile network signal is poor. But we manage to be at Bell Church with the help of the friendly locals who accommodates us. 

My last visit to Bell church was probably 20 years ago. Nothing much has changed. Except that less people tend to go to Bell Church for prayer, instead, they go to Bell Chuch to take pictures… 😊😊 (like us)

It is stunning to be there. It feels like you’re in China or something hahahaha!

After Bell Church, we make our way to Baguio Cathedral. Never miss the church! 

There is a chapel at the back of the cathedral. Just a small chapel, but a solemn one. I think it’s new because it smells like paint when we enter. 

Lunch time! 

We ate at small carinderia near Session Road. Sorry i forgot the name but it is beside this post

There is a jewel in this place. The bookstore!!!

Sorry, i love books next to beach and boys. Hahahaha. So i never miss a chance to dig their gems. 

What’s good about this store??? They got plenty of books all the way up to the second floor!!!

After eating and book worming. We ought to go to Session Road for some “ukay” experience!

Would you believe, that two senior companions are very eager to walk the uphill road of Session! Hello Session Road! 

Oh, there is also a jewel at the end of Session road. Introducing….. *drum roll please*

Go there early to get the best cinnamon roll in town for only 27 pesos!!! 👌

Its round, big, filled with cinnamon and nuts! Yum! 😋 Pair it with coffee in the morning. There goes your day! 😊

Lucky us, we arrived early. A few seconds later. Poof! Cinnamons are gone! You have to wait for tomorrow for another roll. Sigh!

We took our merienda at Tea House and ordered chicken mami for soup and also puto leche flan.👌

We’re tired. So we stayed at SM Baguio (the only SM with no aircon!) and wait for the others to finished their shopping!

Bye Baguio, hello Rosales!!!

We re all tired that we forgot to take pictures. We are already refreshed when we reached Rosales and made a side trip to SM Rosales. 

This little kiddo sure knows where that cotton candy man is situated. She rans fast towards it and point, point, point. Viola!

This cost 99. Much much for a sugar rush!

There are murals about life.

Nothing much of this side trip. The we headed back to TPLex and started to go home. 

Best time to visit Baguio: during summer but it is colder during “Ber” months.

Never miss: Baguio Cathedral, Minesview,The Mansion,Wright Park, Burnham Park, PMA, Lourdes Grotto, Strawberry Farm

Do not miss: a boat ride, bike ride and strawberry taho at Burnham; a pasalubong hub at Minesview which includes peanut brittle, ube halaya (Good Shepherd), kulangot ng intsik, strawberry jam, peanuts, and walis tambo!

 Baguio experince will never be complete without: a walk in Session Road, an ukay-ukay, vegetable hoarding at public market, a cinnamon roll at Mucho Pan. 

For old souls: Visit BenCab Museum, Mt. Cloud Bookstore and drink at Baguio Craft Brewery!

Enjoy! ❤️👧🏾


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