Sign of the Times

Sorry I just borrowed this title of the song since my next writing talks most about tough sign of the times.

Turning a quarter older sometimes makes you assess your achievements in life – which may somehow or most of the times may lead to frustrations and doubts.Quarter life crisis, they say.

I asked some friends and here’s the list (which you probably can or cannot relate) that we gathered that indeed, there’s times ( and aging!) is definitely coming and changing.

  1. Ghosting – quarter life comes with a phasing in terms of relationship. For most of us still searching for the one, mostly, if not all the time, the searchee goes “ghosting”. Social media is within reach. Social dating sites are easily available and just one click away, your supposed to be ‘the one’ is at your fingertips. However, after chatting and exchanging thoughts after a month or two, when one of you begins to feel attached to the other, the other one started to get cold. The other one starts to send you “feelers” that he likes you, then leaves you hanging in the air. Chatting seems to be on an open-close conversation. Needless to say, it is a one-way type of interview where one asks and the other answer. Most of us says that, if this “ghosting” starts to happen, we might as well end the “relationship”. Why not? To protect your feelings, to protect yourself, and to make yourself available and free to others. Any thoughts? Feel free to input them. 
  2. Emotional wave – the feeling of happiness in one minute then sadness for the next five or fifteen minutes. It might contribute to the hormonal changes that is happening in terms of aging ☺️ When travelling, our hormones and adrenalin are up. Excited to see new places and explore things. It might stay within weeks in which a month after, they started to go down thus feeling sad and lonely and frustrated. Name it all. Emo sums it up.
  3. Body Temp – Based from info gathered within my circle of friends and also from experience. We sometimes feel that our body temperatures started to change. There are times we felt that we have fever, but there ain’t any. We started to feel lazy and bed is the only thing that you want for the whole day! Maybe our energies are drained thus needs recharging. 😊
  4. Exercise – wait, what?! Yes, we started to ignore it and make it least of our priorities (which is bad). I guess we have to start to get moving again. 🏃🏽 I know bed is your bestfriend, it is obvious that not moving and being inactive contributes more of the aging process.
  5. Hiatus – when everything started to slow down. No date nights. Sleeping at exaclty nine in the evening. Going home after office. Bathroom is your friend. Staring and sitting makes you feel alive. Changing times here we come. Your interest shifts for example from loud music to slow ones. Loud room and loud people sometimes annoy you. Small crowd is heaven. Changing from beer to coffee or tea. You start to collect succulents. Loves home cooked meals.

Aging comes with maturing. Knowing what you want. Knowing what’s it like. But learning comes at any age. It doesn’t sums up that though you’ve aged, you’ve know and experience everything. There is still more room for growth, more room for self love, more chances to explore, more things that may come our way. It may come in waiting.  But we’ve waited this long. Why can’t we wait some more. 


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