Treasure Mountain – for beginners

My views and opinion is purely based on my own experience.

My experience with regards to trekking and mountain climbing dates back to my early years as young as 21. (i am 33 now!)

Back where no mountain fees, no tour guides, no clear pathways for trekking, no environmental fees and most of all, no damaged done in areas being trekked.

I am not saying that hikers today are careless or whatsoever. I am saying, that during our time, there are incidents like hikers being lost, killed and minor accidents, but nature damage are kept to a minimum.

We hiked the mountains of Bulacan, Laguna, Batangas and Baguio. My major climb would be the famous Mt. Pulag, while my most enjoyable climb (hike again and again!) is Famy in Laguna.

So, when we heard about the NO HIKE Treasure Mountain, we expect less. There is so much blog, pictures and information in the internet in how-to, where-to, what-to expect during this no hike Treasure Mountain.

And yes it is! Cars can go up! once you alight, tadah! You’re there!

But being the adventurous kind, we opt to trekk it by old-school walking. It is uphill, which makes it a bit challenging. Walking will take you around 30-45 minutes based on your phasing. But the path is cleared, some are even cemented, so its super easy-peasy.

From 1 to 5, 1 being easiest, ill go for 1.

We took a tricycle to the highway, and started to trek on foot.

When we arrived, there are lots of people waiting for the camp to be open.

We line up to pay and witness a sea of cloud (as seen on the internet)

Paying at the entrance of the campsite

Ok, here’s my frustration and this is my honest opinion and unsolicited advice.

• I am not happy that the mountain was being paid for for the beautiful scenery. Again.. because during my climbing time, we do not pay for anything just to see a mountain.

I understand it is a camp site. That’s why. I am just frustrated.

• I did not witness a sea of cloud, instead, I witness a sea of people!!!

We set up our hammock

Sea of people

Like everyone is just being there for the gram! I am sorry, I am being rude. But honestly……..

There’s this one lady who pushes us aside just to get a good photo of the scenery. Not a good attitude.

• Trash! Oh my… there’s trash everywhere! I just hope that they would carry their trash back and not leave it on the mountain.

Leave no trash behind!

Overall, I am not happy with the whole experience. I just wish the campsite will have to do something to manage the people going there because basically, it also equates to how much trash will leave on THAT mountain.

I guess the campsite is also shookt on how the people appreciated the mountain, that they are not prepared for the surge of people who visited.


Is it worth your time??

The sceney is good. It is good for beginners who would like to climb with no sweat. 👍🏽

The place is accessible to all public transpo. 👍🏽

But i also would like for the camp to manage the trash to maintain the beauty and innocence of the mountain. 👍🏽

I would recommend it for beginners.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


For curses, comments, inhibitions, opinions, you’re freeto writebelow!


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