Cebu City

Hey guys! Welcome to the Queen City of the South — Cebu!!!

It is called Queen for a reason. And my biggest guess is that — because it’s filled with adventures, nice crowd, crystal clear beaches, fun-filled waterfalls, mouth watering sea foods, and ofcourse, their famous crunchy to-die-for lechon!!! *insert roasted pig emoji*

My travel buddies for this tour are ALL PRO! It’s a we’ll-know-when-we-get-there-tour. We travel on a shoe string budget, no fancy hotel, no elegant restaurants, just PURE FUN, adventure, nature tripping, price haggling, name it. Its a spontaneous travel at its finest!

VAMOS, amigos!!!

22:00 We left Manila via Cebu Pacific. Straight from a days work, we headed to the airport, in time to catch the much awaited SINULOG FESTIVAL! Prititit Pitseñor!!!

00:00 Arrived at Cebu City!!! Hooray!

We decided to go straight to Oslob. Since it will be wiser that way. To save time, budget and maximize everything in short span of golden time.

Oslob is a 3 hours ride from Cebu City. With much research, there is too much Oslob can offer, that’s why we decided to grab it by the neck! 😘

With our heavily-filled backpacks, from the airport, we took a taxi going to Oslob Bus Terminal. Taxi fare is worth 200.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Estimated time of arrival is around 4. Too early for the Butanding Watching. Buses go by an hour, so we chose to ride the 1:30 AM trip. Bus fare us worth 177.

We took the trip. Slept during our bus ride. And woke up in Oslob the next day.Waiting at the terminal<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hello Oslob! The conductor is kind enough to wake us up from our slumber.

Alight the bus, and waited for Ate Jeck to pick us up for todays tour.

First stop! Swimming with the Butanding.


Ok. So basically, this attraction is the most visited, “to-do” , to witness for, part of your Oslob adventure.

Why? It’s rare to swim with a whale shark. 🐋🐋🐋

For foreigners, rate is twice the amount of the locals.

For locals: Whale watching only (just staying on the boat) Php 300.00 Swimming with the whale shark (With snorkling gear) Php 600.00 We gave it a try!This way to Butanding whale watchingInsider’s view: 🐋The water is stinky!!! Smells like fish. Probably because of what the fisherman feed the whalesharks.

  • 🐋Too crowded. You can’t swim freely because of too much people lining up for a single Butanding
  • 🐋Reality vs expectations. The butandings are smaller. Maybe it’s like a teenage Butanding. We never saw bigger, as in BIG ones. Not that one like in pictures or social media.

Insider’s tip: Butanding watching is until 12 noon. Best to go there by 10-12 noon for less crowd!

SUMILON ISLAND This is not part of the trip, but since some locals suggested that we go there, we took our chances, haggle the cheapest way to go there and viola!

It’s a sand bar. Powder-like sand. Less crowd. Cold water 👍🏽

Umawra si indayPlaying with the sandWelcome to SumilonTime spent in the island: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Tour and entrance fee: 250 and 50 (consecutively)


Alegria for 2 hours bus ride for the most awaited canyoneering. It’s a young sport, MOSTLY jumping, swimming, trekking, while riding the waves of the falls.

Its a 30 minutes walk and 2-3 hours of fun! It is nearly dark when we finished our Canyoneering adventure. But fun never ends… there is still more!!!


I’m tired. With no sleep, I can only wish to take a bath and sleep sleep sleep!

But… after seeing Kawasan falls, I can’t help but smile! My inner Dora is wide awake!

After much of an adventure for Day 1, we blasted off to Moalboal for our Day 2 trip.


Booked an AirBnB for a cheaper accommodation! With just a minute walk in the white beach and you’ll know that you’ll visit Cebu again. And again.

The beach has less crowd. Maybe because most of them are bound to Cebu City for the Sinulog and the Fluvial Parade!

Much trade happens at the beach. Locals sell some fresh seafood like the sea cucumber (which we bought!), Carcar’s chicharon with back fat (3 for 100), which we also bought! Cheap beer and margaritas. Yes you guess it. We also bought that! 🍸🍻🍹

We played with the Gumamela. Why is this picture even here??? Because we are lost!!!! We lost our way back to our inn. So we make fun of ourselves. 🌺🌺🌺 But ofcourse with the help of our friendly kababayans, we traced our way back! 🤫🤭

At around 2 in the afternoon, we travelled back to Cebu City to watch the Fluvial parade.



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